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As the professional world of visual media and design requires artists that possess not only route technical aesthetic skills but literary and philosophical learning, the Department of Visual Communication Design’s curriculum draws upon the fields of literature and philosophy to provide students with the concepts to think on their own. At the same time, we have also increased both our software and hardware facilities so that students are able to integrate their visual and graphic design abilities to adapt to the quick-changing digital computing landscape of the future.

Courses Credits/Hours Required/Elective
Color Theory 3/3 Required
Web Design 3/3 Required
Fundamentals of Forms 3/3 Required
Introduction to Design 3/3 Required
Digital photography 3/3 Required
Graphic Design 3/3 Required
Sketch and Basic design 3/3 Required
Typography 3/3 Elective
Basic computer graphics and software application 3/3 Elective
Maker Practice 3/3 Elective
Visual Psychology 3/3 Elective
Visual creative thinking 3/3 Elective
Advanced Web Design 3/3 Elective
Design for Printed Media 3/3 Elective
Courses Credits/Hours Required/Elective
Packaging Design 3/3 Required
Editorial Design 3/3 Required
Scription Writing 3/3 Required
Advertising Design 3/3 Required
Design History 3/3 Required
2D Animation 3/3 Elective
Infographics Design 3/3 Elective
Image Editing and Sound Design 3/3 Elective
Digital Illustration Design 3/3 Elective
Digital Art 3/3 Elective
Micro Cinema Production 3/3 Elective
Contemporaty art 3/3 Elective
3D Computer Graphic 3/3 Elective
Multimedia Production 3/3 Elective
Portfolio Design 3/3 Elective
Creativity Integration I 3/3 Elective
Creativity Integration II 3/3 Elective
Courses Credits/Hours Required/Elective
Creative Marketing Design 3/3 Required
Design & English 1/2 Elective
Visual Interface Design 3/3 Elective
Environmental Visual Design 3/3 Elective
Visual Thinking and Creation 3/3 Elective
Field Study in Design 3/6 Elective
Visual Communication 3/3 Elective
Design Management 3/3 Elective
Courses Credits/Hours Required/Elective
Special issues in design 1/3 Required
Design Project I 6/8 Required
Design Project II 6/8 Required
Design Thoughts 3/3 Elective
Interaction Design 3/3 Elective
Exhibition Design 3/3 Elective
Film appreciation and Analysis 3/3 Elective
Art and Culture 3/3 Elective
Resume Design 3/3 Elective
Creativity Integration III 3/3 Elective
Games Design 3/3 Elective


Courses Credits/Hours Required/Elective
Visual Communication Design(I) 3/3 Required
Special Topics Discussion 3/3 Required
Reference material reading and discussion 0/3 Required
Visual Communication Design Ⅱ 3/3 Required
Contemporary Cinema 3/3 Elective
Qualitative Research Methods 3/3 Elective
Emotional Design 3/3 Elective
The brand image studies 3/3 Elective
Design Concerns &Visual Expression 3/3 Elective
APP Design 3/3 Elective
User Experience Design 3/3 Elective
International Interdisciplinary Design Workshop 3/3 Elective
Cognitive Psychology 3/3 Elective
Creation of Complex Materials 3/3 Elective
Creative Methods and Design 3/3 Elective
Visual Narration and Design 3/3 Elective
Design Communication Research 3/3 Elective
Design Management 3/3 Elective
International Design Contest Practicum 3/3 Elective
Appreciation of Tai-Nichi Manga 3/3 Elective
Cultural Critical Theories 3/3 Elective