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In early 1960s, in response to Taiwan’s developmental needs, Mr. Yung-Ching Wang, the fonger of Formosa Plastics Group, established Ming Chi University of Technology (AKA Mingchi Institute of Technology). MCUT is located on the hillside of Kueizi Village in Taishan District, New Taipei City. The campus occupies 61 hectares with vast green areas and beautiful yet tranquil sceneries. More than 200 years ago, during the reign of Emperor Chienlong in the Ching Dynasty, a ‘Gongsheng’ (tributary scholar), Mr. Cho Yu Hu founded the ‘Ming Chi Private Academy’ in the vicinity of what is now the university. At that time, the academy was the intellectual center and culture hub of northern Taiwan. This university was named ‘Ming Chi’ with an aim to encourage the faculty and students to learn from their virtuous elders and to embrace heritage and vision as their own guiding principles.

The Department of Visual Communication Design started its 2-year bachelor’s program in 1998. Then In 1999, Ming Chi upgraded its academic system from the 5-year college to 4-year university, and VCD department  started its 4-year bachelor’s program as well.

In order to nurtural higher level academic scholars, VCD department started its master’s program in 2010. Today, we have provide both bachelor’s and master’s degree with solid visual design disciplines. Today, there more than 1,500 alumnae and alumni are dedicating their efforts in various job fields.